Kitchen Design

Kitchen Design

We take pride in designing kitchens that not only meet, but exceed the needs of our clients.

Whether you come prepared with your own custom design or you’re more interested in meeting with our experts for inspiration – our team is prepared and eager to turn the kitchen you’ve been dreaming of into a reality. Every home has its own characteristics; from the layout, to the amount of available space, to the flooring within each room – we consider each and every component to ensure your design comes to life.

We begin by understanding your wish list – all those ‘must have’ features that will make your kitchen, yours. This also ensures we address the functional requirements for your space – think storage, space for meal prep, or even entertainment essentials.

Most of us need to see something before we believe it. That’s why at Highgate, a preliminary design drawing is completed and provided back to you for confirmation once all design details are gathered and confirmed. This provides a strong visual representation while also ensuring you stay in constant communication with our team of experts.

Some of the key components we ensure are discussed include:

And everything in between.

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Whether you/re looking for a timeless, classic design or a contemporary look with high utility, let Highgate Kitchens provide the inspiration. Explore our galleries to discover our previous designs and customizations.

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